Take control of your SMS activities using our easy web messaging platform. Our web portal lets you create, manage and track your SMS messaging with minimal fuss. However big or small they may be. And because our web platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you can use it whenever, wherever, however. Create groups and databases. Set up users, rosters and reminders. With web SMS, it’s easy.

Take control of your SMS. Our Web SMS services are all about getting the best out of SMS messaging – your way. Tap into the most advanced features. Create rules, groups, rosters and reminders. Or strip it back to the basics. With Web SMS, the choice is yours.

SMS messaging your way

Web SMS makes it easy to take control your SMS messaging. Our web portal lets you create, manage and track your SMS messaging campaigns. However big or small they may be. And because our web platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you can use it whenever, wherever, however. Simply log into your MessageNet account and away you go.

We’ve packed out web portal with features to help you get the best results from your campaigns. You can create unlimited groups and databases to manage your contacts. Set up users, rosters and reminders. And streamline your campaigns with rules and triggers.

Our Web SMS is designed to make it easy to tailor your campaigns from start to finish. And because you can analyse your results using our powerful reporting, you can continually improve and refine your SMS messaging for maximum ROI.

Don’t need all of that? Simply choose to stick to the basics. Whether you want to send massive campaigns or a couple of messages, our web portal makes it easy.

Streamline your SMS campaigns with Web SMS

Send and receive SMS messages through our easy-to-use web portal and benefit from streamlined SMS campaigns to customers and staff:

  • Send tailored SMS messages to customers
  • Boost results for SMS competitions and promotions, using automatic triggers, rules and groups
  • Have conversations with customers and staff using 2-way SMS
  • Drive customer engagement with personalised SMS fields
  • Broadcast urgent messages with rapid-fire SMS

Web SMS Features

  • Save, schedule and automate SMS messages
  • Group your contacts according to location, store, gender etc
  • Personalise messages with custom fields
  • Easily manage unsubscribes
  • Monitor and track SMS delivery
  • Tailor your service with rules and triggers
  • Analyse results with detailed customisable reports

For more information on any of these features and our Web SMS service, contact our team.

Explore our web portal and send Web SMS today!

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