2-way SMS

2-way SMS

SMS messages go out. Replies come in. With MessageNet, it really is that simple. Our full 2-way SMS functionality lets you send and receive messages for marketing, appointment confirmations, billing reminders, surveys, staffing and much more. Use our web portal via an API or Email to SMS. The choice is yours.

Start the conversation with 2-way SMS. Our powerful 2-way SMS service is designed to help you boost customer engagement and communications – with minimal fuss. Whether for marketing, appointment confirmations, staffing or competitions, it’s never been easier to engage your mobile audience.

SMS messages go out. Replies come in. Easy

Our full 2-way SMS functionality lets you send and receive messages for promotions, competitions, appointment confirmations, bill reminders, surveys, staffing and much more. Choose to use our web portal, API or Email to SMS – whatever works best for you.

How does it work? Tell us where you’d like replies to go to – web or email, and that’s it!

Our system also allows you to automate your replies based on keywords. Simply set up your keywords along with an automated rule telling the system what you want to do with the replies. You can choose to forward replies to an email, send auto-responses, and more. It’s never been easier to manage your SMS broadcasts.

Start the conversation with 2-Way SMS

Send and receive SMS messages through our easy-to-use web portal and benefit from streamlined SMS campaigns to customers and staff:

  • Automate appointment confirmations
  • Maximise engagement with competitions, promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Communicate with staff for rostering and field jobs

Two-Way SMS Features

  • Set up keywords with rules
  • Create auto-responses
  • Automated opt-in and opt-out
  • Forward to email inbox
  • Add senders to lists for SPAM compliance

For more information on any of these features and our Two-Way SMS service, contact our team.

Engage your mobile audience with Two-Way SMS today!

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