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Explore the true potential of your SMS. Transform your business operations. Engage with customers like never before. Whatever your goals, MessageNet will ensure your message is received when you want and where you want.

MessageNet has everything you need to drive the results you want.

Why use MessageNet for your business?

MessageNet not only offers a powerful selection of SMS services in one simple platform, we combine it with industry expertise and a gateway you can rely on. Everything you need to drive the results you want.

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    Messages delivered <2 mins
    Our direct connections to Australian telcos mean no delays or duplication issues. Simply rapid-fire messages.
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    10 million SMS sent per month
    MessageNet is the SMS gateway of choice for 200,000+ users globally.
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    99.5% uptime guaranteed
    Our #1 focus is to ensure you can get your critical messages out. Any time. Every time.
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Here’s how we do it

SMS For Marketing

SMS For Marketing enables you to easily create and manage lists, send offers and messages to your opted-in customer base and receive immediate feedback from them. It provides you with the tools and interface to quickly get any mobile marketing campaign up and running.

  • Easy to use, intuitive web portal
  • Group broadcast
  • Mail Merge
  • List segmentation
  • Easy reporting

SMS Alert for I.T.

Get IT issues fixed promptly. With instant delivery 24/7, SMS lets you notify the right people when critical IT issues occur. Swift messaging means swift action. So issues can be kept in check and your business can get back on track.

SMS Customer Notifications

Deliver an exceptional customer experience – even when things aren’t going as planned. SMS messages help you keep customers informed of any issues in real-time.

  • Credit alerts: Use SMS to promptly inform customers if their credit card transaction fails
  • Fraud alerts: Safeguard your customers against abuse and scams with timely SMS fraud alerts

SMS Appointment Reminder

Say goodbye to no shows. Use SMS appointment reminders to nudge people’s memories, or give them the chance to call and reschedule. By reducing missed appointments, you can spend your time growing revenue rather than twiddling your thumbs.

SMS Rostering

Reach all your staff quickly and at the same time. High open and read rates mean SMS is the perfect tool for shift management. Send messages about free shifts, meetings and roster changes. Two-way messaging means staff can reply quickly. And you’ll never be caught short again.

  • Quickly reach part-time and shift workers
  • Contact staff not on desktop computers/email
  • Urgently fill shifts
  • Save on casual staff and expensive agency fees

SMS Bill Reminder

Fuel your cash flow and improve the customer experience. SMS bill reminders speed up bill payments, let customers manage their service usage, and ultimately drive a more positive experience with your brand. Add in a short URL link straight to your website so they can pay right there and then.

  • Tell customers when payment is overdue or missed
  • Offer early payment discounts
  • Help customers manage their usage

SMS 2FA (two factor authentication)

Improve customer security and reduce fraud with two-factor authentication. Use SMS messages to send one-time passwords to verify transactions or user accounts. Because mobile numbers are harder to acquire than emails, SMS verification is the weapon of choice for authentication.

SMS Delivery Notification

One of the biggest frustrations for shoppers is waiting at home for a delivery with no idea when it will arrive. SMS confirmations and updates not only boost customer satisfaction, they improve changes of a successful delivery in a cost-effective way.

  • Alert customers an hour before delivery is due
  • Tell them the day and time slot
  • Announce when item is dispatched from warehouse
  • Use 2-way messaging to let them change details

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