Think SMS is dead? Here are 9 creative ways to use SMS that will surprise you

By Stu Thom | 3 August 2015
Think SMS is dead? Here are 9 creative ways to use SMS that will surprise you

Did you know Australians are spending more than an hour a day on their smartphones? That’s more than any other digital device. So when it comes to engaging and communicating with someone, mobile is your BFF.

But many businesses aren’t tapping into the full potential of SMS messaging. The fast is SMS can improve efficiencies, save time, improve engagement with staff and customers, and ultimately boost your business.

Here are 9 ways to use SMS you may not have thought of:

SMS marketing

SMS is proven to boost conversion rates, nurture loyalty and build strong customer relationships. Two out of three consumers who are subscribed to mobile marketing say they have made a purchase after receiving a highly relevant SMS (source: Ipsos). Add email, letterbox advertising and e-commerce to the mix, and your results will soar.

Urgent IT alerts

The thing that sets SMS messaging apart from other forms of communication is the 24/7 instant delivery – which, I’m sure you’ll agree, comes in pretty handy when there’s a critical IT issue to resolve. Use SMS to notify the right people about the issue and get the problem solved faster. This is especially effective for web companies who need to alert clients when a website or server has failed.

Notify customers

Not to be confused with SMS marketing, SMS customer notifications let you keep customers informed of issues that concern them – like an alert when a credit card transaction fails or a fraud alert. By telling customers immediately, you can protect the exceptional customer experience.

Manage field job

SMS messaging is a great to help keep field jobs, workers and schedules ticking along. Simply send SMS alerts to field workers when new jobs come in. The result is improved efficiency and streamlined staff management.

Appointment reminders

Many salons, dentists, doctors and opticians are already taking advantage of SMS messaging to reduce the cost of missed appointments. A timely SMS message nudges clients’ memories and gives them the chance to call and reschedule.

Staff rostering

If you have lots of part-time and shift workers, SMS is the perfect tool for shift management. With high open and read rates, you can reach staff quickly to tell them about available shifts, meetings and changes to the roster.

Bill reminders

Speed up bill payments by sending SMS bill reminders to customers informing them that their bill is overdue or missed. You can also make it easy for them to pay immediately by adding a short URL straight to your mobile-friendly website.

Two-factor authentication

With the rise of online shopping, two-factor authentication (2FA) is an effective tool to help improve customer security and reduce fraud in the banking and financial sector. The SMS message carries a one-time password (usually a number), which the recipient uses to verify their transaction.

Delivery notification

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting at home for a delivery without any idea when it will arrive. By using SMS delivery notifications, retailers can inform customers of the day and time slot so that they can manage their day. You can also alert customers when the driver is on their way, so they can be ready to receive the delivery.

The bottom line is SMS is a fast, reliable and cost-effective channel of communication the power to improve the way you do business. Don’t be afraid to explore its potential.

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