Email to SMS

Email to SMS

Send individual or bulk SMS messages direct from your email. With MessageNet, it’s easy! Simply register your email address with us, then send your email to (e.g. Receive replies direct to your inbox. As the conversation builds, you can track trends, sales leads and other important reporting.

The simplest way to tap into the benefits of SMS. Using the ease and accessibility of email, you can send SMS messages to your customers and remote workforce – any time, any place.

No software downloads needed. No logging into our web portal. Simply send an SMS directly from your email client and receive replies directly in your inbox. It really is that easy.

Send SMS messages from your email

Setup your email address with us. Compose message. Press send. Our Email to SMS service is the fastest way to get started with SMS messaging.

Start by registering your email address with MessageNet. You can broadcast SMS messages from any email server (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc) and any business app that sends emails. Best of all, you can send them from any email capable device – desktops, smartphones, tablets…you name it!

Our service converts your emails and delivers them to mobiles as SMS messages. All SMS replies then arrive back as emails, straight to your inbox. This creates a comprehensive history log so you can track results, trends and sales leads. You can also create rules and triggers to forward replies to specific email addresses and private URLs.

Discover the many ways Email to SMS can boost your business

Send and receive SMS messages directly from your email inbox and benefit from instant communication with your workforce and customers:

  • Send reminders for appointments, bill payments and more
  • Set automatic reminders for calendar events (available with Microsoft Outlook)
  • Communicate with field staff
  • Manage staff rosters
  • Broadcast critical messages to groups

Email to SMS Features

  • Send SMS directly from your email client or business application
  • Receive replies straight to your email inbox
  • Set up contact groups, escalations and rosters
  • Easy configuration with Microsoft Outlook
  • No software downloads required

For more information on any of these features and our Email to SMS service, contact our team.

Get started and send your first Email to SMS today!

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