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Want better results from marketing? Here are 5 ways SMS marketing can help
8 August 2015

When was the last time you left the house without your mobile phone? Or the room, for that matter?

4 of the best SMS marketing examples you’ve ever seen (And why they’re awesome)
5 August 2015

Check out four examples of stellar SMS marketing campaigns and learn what makes them so effective.

Think SMS is dead? Here are 9 creative ways to use SMS that will surprise you
3 August 2015

Are you exploring the full potential of SMS for your business? Here are 9 ways you might not have thought of.

12 things you need to do before launching your next SMS campaign
20 May 2015

Ready to hit send on your first SMS campaign? Not so fast, grasshopper. There are a few essential items you need to check off first.

5 ways retailers should be using SMS
19 February 2015

Are you tapping into the full potential of SMS to improve the customer experience, boost sales and reduce operating costs? Here are 5 ways retailers should be using SMS.

How to write SMS marketing messages your customers can't ignore
13 February 2015

SMS is famous for delivering impressive response and conversion rates. But it’s not as easy as sending messages out and hoping for the best.

7 questions to ask when choosing your SMS messaging provider
18 December 2014

If your business isn't tapping into SMS messaging yet, you could be missing out on a powerful business tool.

5 rookie SMS marketing mistakes (And how you can avoid them)
15 October 2014

These 5 rookie SMS marketing mistakes are easy to commit, and even easier to avoid.

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